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Should I Go to a Doctor or a Chiropractor After My Car Accident?

Being in a car accident is a traumatic experience. Not only do you have the shock of the situation, but you may also suffer some injuries that need treating. 

Many people ask whether they should see a doctor or a chiropractor after their accident, and the answer is often both. Finding the right auto accident chiropractor in Morrow GA can greatly aid your recovery, but in many cases, they should be consulted in conjunction with a doctor. 

The Nature of Car Accident Injuries 

Car accidents can result in a wide array of different injuries. From major head traumas to cuts and scrapes and musculoskeletal damage, each accident is different. Because of the varying nature of these injuries, it means patients can benefit from the skills of different practitioners. 

You don’t treat head trauma in the same way you do whiplash, so whether you see a doctor or a chiropractor will depend on the nature of your injuries. 

Unfortunately with auto accidents, some injuries such as major concussions may not show any symptoms at the time, so it’s always wise to get yourself checked out by a doctor in the immediate aftermath of your accident. 

Once major trauma has been ruled out, then it often pays to look for an auto accident chiropractor in Morrow GA to evaluate the musculoskeletal damage. 

When to See a Doctor After a Car Accident 

It’s always a good idea to get checked over by a doctor after an accident. This is particularly true if you have visible injuries such as cuts or suspected broken bones. The doctor will be able to patch you up and coordinate the next stage in your treatment. 

Another aspect of a car accident that is less obvious is internal injuries such as concussions. These can be extremely dangerous, so if you suffered a bang to the head, then always get checked out by a doctor. 

When to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

The majority of car accidents don’t involve broken bones, deep cuts, and major head traumas. Instead, they result in soft tissue injuries such as whiplash and sprained joints. 

While these injuries are small compared to some of the other possibilities, they’re still painful, and you want to recover as quickly as possible. This is where chiropractors specialize – they’re experts at discovering the source of your pain and treating it in natural ways (here are some questions you should ask your chiropractor to help speed things up). 

You may go to a doctor to get your injuries looked over, but when it comes to recovery, finding a Morrow car accident chiropractor is your best bet. This will help you to get back to full health as quickly as possible and put your accident behind you. 

A Combination of the Two 

Doctors and chiropractors perform slightly different functions and this is great news if you’re injured in a car accident. Together, they can quickly diagnose your injuries and ensure you get the best treatment possible. 

When it comes to recovery, it’s always beneficial to find an auto accident chiropractor in Morrow GA and with Chiropractic Plus, you know you’re in safe hands.

Learn more about how we can help you recover from your car accident.

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