Auto Accident
Were you involved in an auto accident?  If so, continue reading. As a chiropractor for car accidents in Jonesboro GA, we want to help you get better. Often, this includes supporting your efforts to get treatment by working closely with your attorney and insurance companies.

Being one of the most unexpected life events, one can naturally never prepare for auto accidents. The type of injuries resulting from a car crash vary and depend on the degree of the physical impact experienced by the victim. Nonetheless, auto accidents may leave a lasting psychological impact on an individual even if the physical injuries sustained are not serious or major. 

However, no matter how minor the injuries, victims must ideally try to recuperate and process their emotions after the crash. Unfortunately, though, an auto accident necessitates a series of meetings and calls with attorneys, insurance agents, and healthcare professionals as they strive to get the documentation ready for the insurance, collaborate with their attorney, and look for the right medical care that will help them get back on their feet. That is a tremendous amount of work to take on right after an accident. This is where Chiropractic Plus can come to your rescue.

How Chiropractic Plus Can Help?

We’re one of the leading auto accident chiropractors in Jonesboro. In addition to providing superior care, we are experts in documenting trauma, determining causality, compiling strong and detailed medical records, providing Impairment Ratings, and reporting on injuries. We will document your injuries properly and thoroughly and create a narrative for your attorney. In addition, because we treat so many patients with similar injuries, we can help provide insight into the difficult, complicated, and challenging auto accident process. Bottom line is that we want to support you in every way we can.

We provide auto accident chiropractic therapy in Georgia and work closely with you to evaluate the extent of your injuries and determine the ideal course of action. Your course of treatment will depend on many things, like the extent of your injury and the amount of pain you are in. We offer many services and specialized therapies to help. Should you need further diagnostic testing (MRIs, CT scans, EMG/NCV testing, etc.), we are happy to provide a referral as we have close working relationships with a number of medical specialists.

Points to Keep in Mind Post Car Accident

Traffic accidents and collisions are, unfortunately, all-too-common occurrences. There are over 2 million injuries per year according to the Association For Safe International Road Travel.  But if you have been injured in an accident and need medical care, here are a few additional things to keep in mind:

  • Keep all of the data you collect (contact information for all persons involved, police reports, photos of the accident scene, accident records and notes, insurance paperwork and documentation) in a file.
  • The full extent of the physical impact of an auto accident on an individual may not be immediately realized. Therefore you may feel all right immediately after the accident but then start to feel worse in the days following the event. For example, you may develop headaches, neck pain, or other symptoms for potential injuries. In fact more often than not, victims may not even realize they have an injury for days or even months into the accident. 
  • Even if you got immediate medical attention – perhaps at the scene or at a hospital – you may be in need of additional care.
  • If the other driver is at fault, he or she may be liable to pay for your chiropractic treatment through their insurance policy. Or, if the driver at fault does not carry insurance, or if you were at fault, your insurance policy may cover your treatment.
  • Sometimes, your case requires assistance from a lawyer to help take care of your treatment and compensate you for damages. Many lawyers specialize in these types of accident cases. Please ask us for a referral if you think you need to speak with a lawyer; however, please note that we are in no way affiliated with any attorneys.

We understand auto accidents and with our innovative approach to care that combines chiropractic treatment with physical therapies, we can help you recover from them and move forward. Whether you’re looking for a trustworthy Morrow car accident chiropractor or a car accident chiropractor in Jonesboro or Stockbridge GA, we can help. Call us for an appointment now at 678-610-7587. We have representatives standing by 24/7 to schedule your visit.

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