Misdiagnosed Auto Injuries can Lead to a Lifetime of Pain & Functional Issues

Dr. Pak does not take injuries related to automobile accidents lightly, because many times injuries have been misdiagnosed as strain/sprain. Instead, many significant injuries are missed such as herniated disc, nerve compression/traction, and spinal ligamentous injuries. These injuries potentially could lead to at least a 25% whole person impairment according to AMA Impairment Guide.

Here are some of the many consequences of the misdiagnosis:

  • Persistent pain that is not relieved with medication or rest.
  • Loss of function or restrictions to the spine and other extremities for months at a time.
  • Spinal cord or nerve damage that leads to permanent nerve cell death
  • Poor posture that is caused by compensation and muscle spasm
  • Injuries become chronic conditions which leads to spinal degeneration

These issues can cause more problems than just pain and functional issues. There can be an emotional and mental toll as well, and often these injuries can cause you to miss work or other activities in your life. 

The key to not missing these injuries is to have a Chiropractor that is qualified to perform Spinal Biomechanical Tests. So that you will have an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan which will have a higher chance of being covered by the insurance company.

Dr. Pak

Dr. Hyung Pak

Dr. Pak is educated and trained in Spinal Biomechanical Engineering to accurately diagnose, treat, and document your auto injuries.

Dr. Pak does not take auto injuries lightly and neither should anyone else. The sooner you seek treatment, the faster you can begin to heal, and the more likely it is you can avoid related complications.

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