Auto Injuries Require a Trauma Trained Doctor

Automobile Accident Injuries can cause tremendous pain to our head, neck, back, and other areas of our body. Additionally, it can create significant emotional and mental stress in our daily lives and work. In fact, many people don't know where to turn to following their automobile accident. Many will seek immediate care at the emergency room and follow-up with their primary care physician only to have worsening pain and not know where to turn to next.

The answer is Chiropractic Care with Dr. Pak, in addition to his Chiropractic education he has furthered his training and education to be credentialed and trauma qualified to treat patients who have been Injured in Automobile Accidents.

Dr. Pak understands the importance of diagnosing and treating automobile injuries as quickly as possible in order to minimize the damage to your neck and back. If left misdiagnosed or untreated automobile related injuries will cause significant arthritis to your spine and joints.

In addition to mainstream chiropractic care, we offer the following services:

  •  Digitized X-ray Analysis, this allows us to determine any Biomechanical Problems, which cannot be determined with any other diagnostic testing
  • Computerized Range of Motion Testing, objectively identifies restrictions in both spine and joints
  • Impairment Ratings allows reliable repeatable measurement of permanent injuries of body part or function
  • MRI Review, Dr. Pak obtained credentials in interpreting MRIs and does not solely depend on radiologist reports, so that he can accurately diagnose spinal injuries
  • Scheduling Diagnostic Tests and Specialist Referrals, such as MRI, CT Scans, Orthopedist, etc., to help save time and stress you may have to endure trying to schedule these appointments

When you visit Chiropractic Plus, we apply our experience and evidence-based chiropractic care to customize a treatment plan to help you get optimal pain relief. Additionally, objective evidence-based testing is necessary to accurately diagnose your injuries so that the insurance companies will approve any medically necessary treatments.

We want you to recover as quickly as possible and we want the results to last as long as possible. That kind of care doesn’t come in a single cookie cutter approach, which is why we continue to look at research and continue our education in trauma related injuries.

If you have been involved in an Automobile Accident, and suffered or experience any of the following, We are Ready to Help you!

Neck Pain

Back Pain


Sciatic Pain