11 Things To Look for in a Good Chiropractor

If you are looking for a chiropractic practice that is in Jonesboro, GA, and offers services that will help you regain your health, then you’ll want to consider this list of 11 things to look for in a good chiropractor. 

Finding good chiropractors is very important for those who suffer from various ailments. While there are many types of medical practitioners that can work with you, it is not a guarantee that they will have the expertise to help you get rid of your ailments. Therefore, it is important that you do a little research on the type of practice that you are interested in getting involved with. There are many types of medical practitioners that you can work with, but some are better than others.

Good Reviews

In this day and age, there’s no reason for not being able to find reviews of any medical professional, but especially a chiropractor. There are numerous review websites devoted to finding proper health care, and that’s in addition to review sites that rate small businesses as a whole, including Google and Yelp. Getting a good understanding of how a chiropractor rates with other patients will guide you to choosing the best one for you.

Referrals From People You Trust

More important than reviews on anonymous review sites are the referrals you get from people you trust. The relationship between a chiropractor and patient is a close one, and you need to be able to feel comfortable while you’re being treated–and you’re not going to find better advice than the experiences of the people you know who have been on that treatment table and had the chiropractor’s hands on their back and neck.

Good Credentials

Chiropractors are well-regulated and licensed, and that licensure is one great way to tell if you’ve found a good healthcare professional. You can look online to find the chiropractor’s medical school, training hospital, specialities, certifications, as well as learning about any malpractice or disciplinary actions. While most chiropractors will have some of this information on their website, you can check for any negative strikes against them through state licensure websites.

Appropriate Experience

Every chiropractor is going to have different experience, and while some of that can be gleaned from their particular certifications, much of it is found out from reviews and probing questions asked of the office staff and the chiropractor themselves. If you’re suffering from a particular ailment, you can ask around to see who has experience dealing with such a problem, or you can find out who has a particular focus in a certain body region or musculoskeletal system. 

Someone You Can Feel Comfortable With

You’re going to spend a lot of time up close and personal with your chiropractor, both on the exam table but also in the chair as you discuss personal issues. You want to make sure that you feel completely at ease and comfortable with the chiropractor. For each person, these criteria may be a little different. You may want a chiropractor of a certain gender, or a certain age. You may want someone who knows what it’s like to have young kids, or you may want someone who has an understanding of the corporate world. All of these things are perfectly okay for you to ask a chiropractor when evaluating if they’re a good fit for you.

Telehealth Capabilities

Not every visit with your chiropractor needs to have you on the exam table. You may be interested if the clinic has telehealth capabilities that will make it easier for you to have quick visits from the comfort of your home to answer quick questions. This has become a much more common practice since the coronavirus pandemic, but so many people have found benefit in it that it is sure to not be going away anytime soon.

Good Communication

You want a chiropractor that you can communicate with. You’re going to need to be discussing in detail your personal concerns–that may sometimes be quite private–and you’ll want to know that the chiropractor can be trusted to not only keep this information confidential but also listen intently and take you seriously. While this can’t really be discovered before you get into the office with the chiropractor, it is a perfectly good reason to end a visit or decide to go to a different chiropractor after that visit. Feeling that you can trust your healthcare giver is essential to getting better.

Insurance Coverage

Not every insurance will cover chiropractic work, or your specific chiropractor, and the sad truth is that even if you find one of the best chiropractors, the lack of accepting insurance might be the difference between using them and using someone else. Of course, if you find someone you love who doesn’t take your insurance, you can always petition them and your insurance company to work something out, but even if that process works it can often take a long time to finalize. 

Not a Snake Oil Salesman

Doing a deep dive on the chiropractor’s website may give you a good insight into this: you don’t want a chiropractor who is making most of their money by selling unneeded supplements and products from their office. You want someone who will only be offering you the treatment that you need to get well, not someone whose business model is predicated on pushing a line of products that may or may not be particularly healthful and beneficial to your body.

Interest in Getting You Healthy

There’s an old conception about chiropractic treatment that they don’t want to actually cure you–they just want to get you coming back over and over for endless treatments and adjustments indefinitely. While there are certainly some cases that need ongoing therapy and treatment, a good chiropractor will have your permanent health as their utmost goal. They should want you to be getting well enough that you don’t have to keep going back in over and over, but that you can go on to a happy and pain-free life without constant adjustments.

Proper Time Spent

Just as you want a chiropractor who will listen patiently and intently to you, you want someone who will spend enough time with you to give you the care you need. You shouldn’t just be another file that they need to process and get out the door, but you should be a person who deserves their full attention and devotion. If your chiropractor doesn’t give you the amount of time that feels appropriate–if they are dismissive or rushed–then it might be time to find someone else.

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