How Often Should I Go to a Chiropractor?

If you’ve got a lingering issue with your neck or back, it may be time to see a chiropractor. Whether it’s a lifestyle issue or due to overexertion or an accident, you could be setting yourself up for years of pain if you don’t get it checked out. Worse yet, you may even end up with limited mobility. 

But how often should you go to a chiropractor? Ask 10 different chiropractors in Jonesboro, GA and you might just get 10 different answers, especially because it really depends on your need and what kind of relief you’re looking for. 

Why You May Need To See a Chiropractor

Most people come into our chiropractor clinic in Jonesboro, GA because they’re suffering from neck or back pain. Many of them may only need one or a few sessions to get the relief they need, and they may only return if they’re having additional pain and another visit is in order. 

While those that work manual labor may have more serious neck and back issues due to overexertion, it’s not like those that work in an office don’t have anything to worry about — a sedentary lifestyle can cause neck and back issues just the same, and a competent chiropractor can help relieve the pain associated with all of it.

When To See a Chiropractor

While you can certainly visit a Clayton County chiropractor anytime you’d like, it helps to have an existing need before you book that next chiropractic appointment. Chiropractic visits can soothe that aching neck or back, but there’s no real danger of going to the chiropractor too much or too little — just do what works for you.

If you’re feeling a little sore and dealing with more pain than normal, you could be your cue for an appointment. But if you’re going every week, you could be benefitting in other ways. Some people like to go to the chiropractor weekly for maintenance and preventative care, especially if those visits prevent flare-ups and other pain, but it’s all up to you.

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, there’s no time like the present to start. If you’re suffering from back pain, neck pain, old sports injuries — or if you’ve been in a recent accident or are starting to experience pain and fatigue at work — you may want to consider booking an appointment with a chiropractor in Jonesboro, GA. They’ll be able to reduce that pain and generally make you feel better, though you don’t need to be experiencing pain to benefit from a visit to the chiropractor if you’re looking to prevent further injury or pain.

Weekly or Monthly Visits

Since much of it depends on your need, it’s impossible for anyone to say whether you need to go to a chiropractor once, once a month or once a week. That’s because back and neck pain can be tricky, and it can take some time to develop a regimen that works for you. Some patients may do well with a monthly visit, while others may need a weekly visit to keep the pain at bay and optimize the function of their bodies.

But more often than not, it’s your chiropractor that can help design a relief plan that works for you — whether that’s a one-time visit or something else. At Chiropractic Plus, we treat all kinds of neck and back issues, and we can help provide relief whatever the issue. Reach out to inquire about our services, or contact us to book that appointment.


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