Got Back Pain?

Back Pain


Got Back Pain?

If so, I’m sure you’ve tried the usual remedies: pills, shots, therapy, maybe even surgery.

And, sadly, there’s a good chance none of it’s helped.

Maybe it’s even gotten worse.

… Causing you to miss out on life’s moments.  

Whether that’s:

– Playing hide-and-go-seek with grandkids

– Leisurely walks with your better half

– Walking to get exercise with a neighbor

– Enjoying a round of golf with close friends

– Traveling, vacationing or trying new adventures

It’s no fun!  On top of the discomfort, chronic back pain can really hold you back.  

Plus, it’s SCARY.  

Not knowing if your back is going to give out.  Hearing terms like “bone-on-bone.”  Wondering how much worse it’s gonna get.  Losing independence.  Needing a cane or walker.  Perhaps the biggest scare of all—going “under the knife,” if you haven’t already.

It puts you under a great deal of stress.

But guess what: it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can get back to having strong, stable, flexible, pain-free back—and you can do so QUICKLY.

Even if you’ve “tried it all” and nothing’s worked.

Hi there, it’s Dr. Hyung Pak from Chiropractic Plus.

Here’s the thing:

Traditional treatments like drugs, shots and surgery only treat the symptoms of back pain; not the underlying cause.

My approach is the exact opposite.

To illustrate, I want you to imagine a silly analogy:

Think of your back as a house’s foundation.


When a foundation starts to “go bad,” you see symptoms.

Misaligned floors.  Cracks in walls.  Etc…

So what makes more sense:

Repainting each new crack, replacing one floorboard at a time…over and over and over…

Or…fixing the foundation so those symptoms stop, altogether?

(‘Cause you know they’re just gonna come back, right?)


It’s much smarter to treat the real problem.

And that’s what I do for my back pain patients.

As you can imagine, I’m able to turn things around for them when nothing else could.

And fast!

Believe it or not, sometimes one visit is all it takes.

“Sounds too good to be true,” you’re probably thinking.

Hey, I get it.  I’d be skeptical, too, if I were you.

And that’s why you can come in for a free consultation

So you can see for yourself how my simpler, smarter, safer, more direct approach to back pain is giving patients their life back.

Don’t worry, it’s free.  

And there’s no obligation for treatment.

By the end, you’ll be a believer.  (I know it.)

So head on over to and tell me which email I should send you a free consultation certificate.

Then check your inbox, download and take action

To a healthy, happy, active life,


Dr. Hyung Pak, DC



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